[Sca-cooks] OOP: What are they teaching are kids?

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Okay, maybe I'm ignorant, but every time I've had poached eggs, it was
rather like eating a slice of inner tube.  Mmmmm....nice
and....er...tasteless and rubbery.

What are they SUPPOSED to be like?

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> I had to ask the same question when a friend's daughter that is just about
> finished with 2 years of Culinary School was at my house and the Food
> Network was on.  Whatever the program was (I believe it might have been a
> Good Eats rerun) they were poaching an egg, and she says "I've never seen a
> poached egg before."  I started questioning her, and sure enough, not only
> had she never poached an egg, but in two years of school they had not
> covered egg cookery (she had scrambled eggs), breakfast cooking, or even
> the
> factoid about the folds in the chef's hat being indicative of the number of
> ways one could cook an egg.  I told her that her father should go and
> demand
> his tuition money back!
> Why, in my day, we were poaching eggs before the sun came up every morning!
> These kids today, with their fancy gadgets and sous vides, they just don't
> know the classics....
> Christianna
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>  Many of you may know that my eldest son and two of his best friends are
> in
> their second year in the culinary arts program at the county vocational
> school. So I like to get them involved when I'm cooking at home to see what
> they can teach me from their school and what I can teach them.
> Yesterday I hosted my annual "Game Day" party which I like to just have the
> food be a variety of finger foods. Inspired by pairing some pancakes with
> cranberry sauce and lemon yogurt as a means to use up leftovers, I thought
> to use the little baked filo pastry shells and fill them with a layer of
> cranberry sauce that I had made for Christmas and top it off with a freshly
> made lemon curd. So I ask my son's friend to zest two lemons for me in
> order
> to make the curd, something he's not done before. So once he was done with
> the zesting, he asked me how he had done. I looked at the plate of zest and
> said "Great". I went to take care of something else for a moment and when I
> went to grab the plate of zest, all the zest was gone. I asked my son's
> friend "What happened to the zest?" He replied "I threw it away".  And sure
> enough, there it was in the garbage. He thought That I was just looking to
> have the lemon itself without the zest not knowing that it was the
>  zest I was looking for (as well as the juice).
> So... I just wonder exactly what they are teaching those kids in that
> culinary arts program as they are now into their second year.
> I had a good laugh, and luckily more lemons... So he went back to the job
> of
> zesting the lemons.
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