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Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Tue Jan 5 18:14:26 PST 2010

Ian said:
<<<Soooo....normally, poached eggs aren't rubbery?  I presume you eat  
them like
a boiled egg (salt and pepper, only)?  Or are they usually with a sauce?

As for eggs, I grew up with having our own chickens, so that was not a

So, do they have more of the consistency of a soft-boiled egg, or  
when cooked right?   I've enjoyed many a boiled egg, and all...but  
eggs seem to retain some flavor, whereas the poached ones didn't, at
all...dunno.  >>>

Ian, it sounds like the poached eggs you've had were overcooked or sat  
too long before you ate them.

I was wondering when this thread came up whether the term "poached"  
egg was referring to breaking the egg into boiling water or putting it  
in a poaching pan, which is what I remember from growing up. A pan  
that had a plate with small depressions in it, into which you broke  
each egg and then steamed the eggs over boiling water.

It turns out that both of these methods are used to "poach" eggs  
according to the Wikipedia entry.

Among other things the entry says "Broken into simmering water, the  
white will stay clinging around the yolk, and the egg results in  
cooked albumen and runny yolk." So I think your description of the egg  
being "rubbery" says they were overcooked, compared to this description.

The entry gives pretty good directions. You might want to try making  
your own poached egg according to their directions and see if you  
don't find them better than those you've had.

Maybe eggs would be good for dinner... hmmm.
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