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Johnna Holloway johnnae at mac.com
Wed Jan 6 20:18:42 PST 2010

The Midrealm still does feasts which is why I asked. We also tend to  
have 2 or 3 12th Nights now scattered across the kingdom. (Given our  
winter weather patterns, not traveling hundreds of miles to just one  
huge 12th Night makes sense.) These feasts may only serve 100 people  
or so.

  Pentamere 12th Night this Saturday

{Barony of Roaring Wastes} [Detroit, MI] will be serving

A Jewish Feast

Recipes from the Iberian Peninsula and the New World

There will be three dishes offered to 12th Night feasters as a  
challenge. The first one is Marinated Fish Salad, which is presented  
during the first course. The other two dishes        will be served  
separately. Between the 1st and 2nd course diners will be challenged  
to try

Squid stuffed with sausage and brains. Between the 2nd and 3rd course  
diners will be challenged to try Snails cooked in the roman style.  If  
you try all 3 dishes you will be given a raffle ticket for a  
Grand        Prize drawing.    If you do not try any dishes you will  
be given a raffle ticket for the drawing of a prize of a frozen  
chicken!  $10 per meal Adult

  On the Table

Olives; Vermilioned Eggs; Garlic Snacks; Flat Bread

  First Course - A Light Cold Salad Course

Lettuce & Radish Salad; Bean Salad; Marinated Fish Salad

  Second Course - A Hot Course

Brazilian Yellow Stew; Porée de Cresson; Roasted Root Vegetables w/  

Third Course - Dessert Course

Sugar Wafer Cookies; Sugar Candies; Halvah

  $4.00 per meal Child

Spaghetti – meat and no meat.  Along with that, we’ll

have cheese sticks, bread, and salad!



There's another 12th Night in Ohio this weekend too but the website  
for that one won’t load tonight.


Then we have another 12th Night next weekend in

   Tree Girt Sea

12th night--A Celtic Faire

  Anglo-Saxon   Winter Feast 6pm

On   the table: Marinated   mushrooms (V); Aquapatys   (V)

First   course: Mutton   Stew or Vegetable Stew (V); Honey   Wheat  
Bread (V) and Fresh Butter

Second   course: Roast   Duck prepared with Cider; Onion  dressing  
(V); Baked   Beets (V);

Third   course: Braised   Venison; Frumenty   (V); Parsnips   &  
Carrots (V)

Dessert: Baked   Apples (V); Bannock   and toppings (V) (honey,   and  
jams/jellies/preserves of indigenous fruits)

Beverages: Apple   Juice/Cider

  Children's   Feast.   Available for $5. Please reserve directly with  

  Children's   Tarts (PBJ   on toast, grilled cheese points); Pigs    
in a Blanket (Hotdogs   in crescent rolls); Buttered   Pasta  
(Noodles   tossed with butter/parmesan cheese); Peas   n Carrots  
(Cooked   peas, cooked carrots, raw carrots); Fruit   salad (Canned    
fruit tossed); Cookies, Milk,   Apple Juice


On January 23rd, there's a Tudor Christmas, Al Hafla- A Winter Oasis,  
Festival of Maidens, Winter Revel, etc.


I wrote:

Various 12th Nights are being held in the coming two weeks.

So what people planning or being served this year?

lilinah at earthlink.net wrote:

West Kingdom has never had a feast as long as i've been in the SCA,  
since Twelfth Night is usually held in a hotel.

On Jan 6, 2010, at 2:17 PM, Laura C. Minnick wrote:

I've been in for 20 years, and I think that An Tir 12th Night went to  
a 'con' format 17 or 18 years ago. Last feast I remember was about  
'91, maybe '92 (it was in Lion's Gate, if anyone remembers).

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