[Sca-cooks] Cassenadt

Sharon Palmer ranvaig at columbus.rr.com
Mon Jan 11 16:14:10 PST 2010

In my Rumpolt translation, I have come across the 
word "Cassenadt".  I suspect its a loan word, 
since its usually spelled with a "C", perhaps 
Italian.   Does anyone recognize it?  I'm not 
sure if it's a sauce, a cooking method, a pot, or 
something else.   Apparently Rumpolt felt no need 
to explain it.

Menu:  Von einem grossen Stir gekocht in 
Kassenadt/ vnnd grün Petersilgen darüber 
I suspect Stir means Stor or sturgeon, so a large 
sturgeon cooked in Cassenat/ and green parsley 
thrown over

Spensaw 32. Füß abgesotten in Cassenadt/  Pigs feet cooked in Cassenadt
Hausen 8. Rogen in Cassenadt gekocht/  Sturgeon roe cooked in Cassenadt
Stören 4.  Abgesotten in Cassenadt kalt.  Boiled sturgeon in Cassenadt, cold
Salmen 2. Abgesotten Salm in Cassenadt.    Boiled salmon in Cassenadt
Huechen 2.  Huechen in Cassenadt.   Danube salmon in Cassenadt.
Sälmling 8.  Sälmling in Cassenadt abgesotten 
fein blaw/ Young salmon in Cassenadt, nicely blue
Au bleu is a classic way to cook fish in salted 
water with vinegar, so a sauce seems less likely
Foren 18.  Also Kocht man die Foren im 
Cassenadt.  One also cooks trout in Cassenadt.


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