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Wed Jan 13 06:14:38 PST 2010

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> From: emilio szabo 
> << While exploring some sources to answer some questions about Italian  
> works, I was doing some browsing and
> came across another online digital archive.
> http://www.academiabarilla.com/academia/gastronomic-library/ext/digital-book/year.aspx
> The World of Academia Barilla

Ok, so I was browsing through this site just to see what was there, and
I came across something interesting.

There's a page full of "Gastronomic Prints", and about halfway down is
one titled "La grigliata - The Grill" - I can't link directly to the
image, but here's the page of prints.

What I find notable about it is that the woman on the right side of the
image is holding what appears to be a bratwurst in a split roll. 
Popular wisdom is that sausages were first served in rolls around the
1890s, but if I'm seeing what I think I'm seeing then the practice dates
back to at least the 1600s.

- Doc

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