[Sca-cooks] Weenie Roast = Period!

Susan Fox selene at earthlink.net
Wed Jan 13 11:58:37 PST 2010

Remember the sausage-onna-bun stand we ran at Crown Prints Prize 
tournament?  Guess what, it's documentable in art. 
This came across the SCA-Cooks list.

Johannae wrote:  << While exploring some sources to answer some questions about Italian  

works, I was doing some browsing and
came across another online digital archive.


The World of Academia Barilla

There's 76 items here ... >>


Doc wrote:  There's a page full of "Gastronomic Prints", and about 
halfway down is
 one titled "La grigliata - The Grill" - I can't link directly to the
 image, but here's the page of prints.



Hier wird um wenig geld ein gute Wurst, gebraten, womit dem Hunger
wird doch nicht dem durst geraten, den einer leschen Kan nach
hertzens wunsch dar auf an einem solchen Ort wo wein u bier zu kauff.

Edouard, a native speaker, translates this as:

Here, a decent saucage is roasted, with which hunger can be appeased but not thirst.

This (thirst) can be appeased later as much as someone wants in a place where wine and beer is sold.

Selene adds:  good thing we had the Brewers' Guild drink stand right there!


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