[Sca-cooks] Merovingian/Frankish dead end

David Friedman ddfr at daviddfriedman.com
Sat Jan 16 22:07:28 PST 2010

>Saint Gregory, Bishop of Tours, mentions "dinner" twenty-two separate
>times in his History of the Franks.
>Not one single time does he actually describe what they were eating.
>And for anyone wondering, the description of Venantius Fortunatus's meal
>with the Abbess of the Holy Cross in Poitiers in 564 in the introduction
>chapter of On the Observance of Food is not a paraphrase. I looked up
>the bloody Poems of bloody Fortunatus, and all he gives is some loving
>descriptions of a few ingredients but no descriptions of the actual
>Argh. Dead end after dead end today.

I assume you already know about Anthimus, which  might be at least 
mildly relevant.

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