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Brave souls! Did you drink Brennivin with your skyrhakarl? It is about the only thing to wash the taste.
When we were in Iceland these restaurants served whale and you may be able to get the recipes from them. We ate the Þrír Frakkar which served Menke whale as a steak with pepper sauce. Lightly grilled. The Herford Steikhus either serves it sushi style or grilled. I haven't found or heard to much about a stew. When do you need this by? 
Have you looked into Greenland cuisine? 
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My whale did come from Iceland. Frozen from fresh, I believe. (Though trying to salt a bit might be possible....) I'm under directives from the gifter to cook it in some fashion and serve it at the end of the month at our Up-Hellya get-together.(Victorian celebration of a Viking Boat burning...We've been doing it since the beginning of the 80's.)

I've noticed that most of the recipes I can find out there are all incarnations of the same one or two recipes, or are quite modern. Because I wasn't the one who bought the meat, and only received it as a pair of frozen chunks, I think I'll steer clear of the more steak-like preparations, and aim towards something more stewlike. I'll also be feeding this to a range of friends, not all of whom are completely adventurous. (Though we did mostly give the hakarl a try this summer....)

Thanks for some of the leads and suggestions.

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