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Just for fun, what do people eat day to day at War?  I understand that there's a 
retty good food court at the market, with many of the choices available at more 
odern malls...

We do a fairly authenticity-heavy camp, anything visible outside your tent should be plausible although we make allowances for items needed for the care of children to a certain extent - and for modern books.  On the food end, we tend to steer towards at least plausibly period; if I'm cooking it's likely to be straight out of Forme of Cury.  We do have one person in camp who prefers a higher proportion of modern food but if she doesn't want what we're havng she'll let us know she plans to fend for herself ahead of time.  We also make allowances for the semi-picky 12 year old and the very picky 5 year old.
Brangwayna Morgan

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