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Wed Jan 20 00:54:51 PST 2010

Brekke wrote:
>  Pennsic is now a two-week event, to all intents and purposes; 
>that's a long time do do without modern foods, although I know many 
>people do it for the entire time they're there.

i replied:
>  I infer that you are implying this is a hardship, but I fail to 
>grasp how that can be.
>  I spent a month in Japan in 1972 where i ate modern food, but it 
>was all Japanese. I lived in Indonesia for several years in the late 
>1970s where i ate modern food, but it was all Indonesian. I spent a 
>month in Morocco (Dec 2000 -  Jan 2001) where i ate modern food, but 
>it was all Moroccan.
>  I eat modern food most of the year at home, too: mostly Indian, 
>Thai, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Chinese, and Japanese. So, what do you 
>mean by "modern food"?

Adamantius responded:
>What do you mean by, "what do you mean"? I had assumed the statement 
>being made was that some people find it difficult to go for two 
>weeks eating nothing but historically accurate or historically 
>inspired, "period" food.
>Perhaps I'm missing some nuance here, but it sounds like you're 
>misinterpreting Brekke's intent (I can't speak for her intent, but I 
>know her pretty well, and she was cooking medieval food while I was 
>wearing freon tanks, hockey pads and carpet).
>I think that she is saying some people do find it a hardship, but 
>not that she necessarily finds it such.

Thank you for clearing that up. Obviously i don't know Brekke at all. 
I'm feeling much more reassured.

But i'm still not certain what is "modern food".
Someone sometimes called Urtatim

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