[Sca-cooks] New issue of TI number 173

Susan Lin susanrlin at gmail.com
Wed Jan 20 07:27:49 PST 2010

"One of the seasons of Top Chef there was a guy that had to foam everything,
I think it was Season 3. "

That would be Marcel - goofy hair and a heck of an attitude!  Glad he didn't

When we're at Pennsic we do not attempt to do period cooking - mostly
because I'm too lazy and people in our camp are NOT adventurous.  Sometimes
we do but more by accident!  We do not have a camp meal plan so everyone is
on their own unless you agree to work together.  We (my husband and I) do
not know how to cook for 2 so we just cook and then feed people as we have
food for them - mostly the young college students or woefully underemployed

We do have one family who does work to be very period the entire time.  The
way they live, the items they bring and the food they consume.  They prep
their food before coming and work only with a fire (no propane) and are very
diligent to be as period as possible.  No, they're not "perfect" but they do
work at it.  They love it and never find it a hardship.

As for modern vs. whatever - my interpretation of this comment is that
"modern" means items easily found today - be they fast food or just stuff in
a grocery store without any care to documentation or "authenticity"
(whatever that means to you).  and "period" means things that can be
documented or otherwise distinguished as having been or likely been
available or made during our chosen "period".


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