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 From _Libro del Coch_ (which was online but the link appears to be broken):

"Scallion or onion tart

"If you wan t to make a tart of theses things, take whichever you want 
and boil it well. Take it out of the water and squeeze it in sieve and 
then chop them finely. Take fine lard and chop/grind it well, eggs, 
fresh cheese, and saffron and mix all these things together and make the 

Pretty straightforward. Parboil the scallions, squeeze out the water, 
chop them up, put it with eggs, cheese, saffron and put it in a pastry 
shell and bake.

I leave out the lard because it turned out to be simply too much fat. 
I'm wondering if the cheese they were using was lower fat than what I 
used (blend of Italian cheeses that comes in a ziploc-style package- 
much easier to deal with in camp and it's a tasty blend).


Stephanie Yokom wrote:
> Got the recipe for that scallion tart?  That sounds wonderful!!
> Carres
> On Wed, Jan 20, 2010 at 8:16 AM, Laura C. Minnick <lcm at jeffnet.org> wrote:
>> Ok, it's not Pennsic, and not for two weeks. But last September I fed our
>> camp (ten of us) period food all weekend (three-day weekend, over Labor
>> Day). No one complained, in fact several were shocked that This Good Stuff
>> was period food and Is There Any Left? The last night I crashed shortly
>> after finishing dinner, and I didn't get any of the scallion tart, which I
>> was bummed about. It went pretty fast. And I only got a wee bit of the
>> fillets in galentyne because Ursel jumped into the fray with elbows out to
>> make sure I got some. (She brought me a bowl of dinner and she says I ate it
>> in my sleep. I remember nothing.) I'm also told that ypocras makes really
>> good slushies. Hmm...

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