[Sca-cooks] Camping food

Liz Wilson ewilson618 at tx.rr.com
Wed Jan 20 11:39:22 PST 2010

Some newbie questions here:

Can anyone recommend sources, cookbooks, etc.
 for good camp meals or recipes, both period
and non period, that would work well with either a small propane 
stove or even the boil in a bag seal a meal type stews and stuff?  We
are planning our first trip to Gulf War in Mississippi this spring.  I
am a decent cook but I have kids so I don't necessarily want ALL
period food.  We are sharing a kitchen and my suspicion 
is that a mixture of period and non period might be nice to introduce
 people to some period items but have some things that they know they
 like already.  I also don't want to spend my whole time cooking as I
do that at home already for my family, although I do like to cook.

  I have a used Seal a Meal that I am trying to figure out, no instructions,
 but may buy a new one if I can't get it to work, because I think that
 would definitely be handy and have other applications as well.

Also, how do you keep your bread from getting stale and icky at
a longer event?  I have a lot of trouble with condensation inside
bread bags at weekend events, which isn't that big a deal because
it's only the weekend, but I am thinking that it will totally ruin the
bread, homemade or storebought, if it happens over the week.  I
have tried keeping all the bread in plastic containers but sooner or
later it is out in a bag inside a bag and then it gets condensation in

Finally, I am spoiled because many times our campsites have electricity
and I have a plug in cooler, but what do I do to keep food cool enough for
a week that it doesn't spoil?  I usually freeze water bottles already to use
as ice packs, and of course frozen stews or something could also be used.
But what can I realistically do to keep from giving everyone food poisoning
over a week at a more primitive site?  If I can only take a cooler or two full
of stuff like most people, what is realistic that I could take for a week?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.  We do eat a lot of fruit, bread
cheese, pickles and olives at events, but I don't want to eat that only for a week. 
 Also, I am not opposed to doing some sort of a meal plan but it seems a little pricy
 when you consider that I have to do it for FOUR people, two of them kids who never
eat very well (hence my obsession with feeding them).  However, we might do some
 sort of combination cooking and meal plan just to try out some other people's cooking.

Christianna inghean Fearghus (from the Barony of the Steppes in Ansteorra)

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