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Sun Jan 24 12:19:11 PST 2010

Phil Troy / G. Tacitus Adamantius wrote:
> I mean, the recipes from the sixteenth and seventeenth century that go into detail as to how sops are prepared and slowly moistened, seem to suggest that sops are pretty well puffed up and jellylike by the time they're served. You have to wonder whether this could be accomplished by the kind of over-reduced pottage being spoken of.

Even the most minimal preparation of sops (ie, pour thin soup over 
toasted bread) makes it very soft very quickly, some something mostly 
solid on toast doesn't sound very sop-like at all. 

Besides that, a good dish of sops is delicious.  Slightly conjectural 
chicken and fried-onion sops is especially good.

Now, as to sandwiches.  There's a good recipe for a grilled-cheese 
sandwich in Maestro Martino, if one really wishes to serve sandwiches.

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