[Sca-cooks] What constitutes modern food

Ian Kusz sprucebranch at gmail.com
Mon Jan 25 11:33:27 PST 2010

I'm thinking, sausage gravy?  or maybe with pickled pigs' feet? I presume,
by southern, they don't mean tex-mex....hmmmm....cajun flavored?
On Mon, Jan 25, 2010 at 11:29 AM, Craig Daniel <teucer at pobox.com> wrote:

> There's also a brewpub in my area that's hoping to open up this spring
> (they'd been shooting for earlier, so as much as I'm looking forward
> to it I'm not exactly holding my breath) which plans on serving meat
> pies that (they tell us) will be distinctly southern in style
> (whatever that might mean), small enough to be held in one hand, and
> (based on the photos they posted of their test batches) appear to be
> cylindrical, like a mini pie, rather than having the typical half-moon
> shape of most handheld pies (including turnovers). They're trying to
> get the term "bullies" as a name of this foodstuff to catch on; I
> suspect it will if and only if they manage to get the dish to take
> root outside of their establishment, which seems unlikely. In any
> event, while I'm aware of this goal, the term "bully" has not yet made
> it into my vocabulary with a food-related meaning.
>  - Jaume, mka Craig,
> who had a very light lunch and is now making himself hungry

Ian of Oertha

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