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I made a comment on the Lochac list recently about coffee (and tea)  
not being period for Europe and this is one of the responses which  
came back.

I've asked for the references for the first three statements since  
they don't seem to match what Bear and others have said on this list.  
None of them apply to my statement on Europe, but in addition they  
don't seem to match with the comments about coffee originating in  
Ethiopia in the latter Middle Ages, either.  Are these statements  
items which were later disproved? Am I mis-remembering what was said  
about coffee here?

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For information on the vital subject of coffee

* Coffee seems to have been drunk in Persia since the ninth century.
* It was first cultivated around 675 in Arabia.
* Abu ibn Sina, known in the West as Avicenna, was acquainted with  
around the year 1000.
* 1475    The first coffee shop opens in Istanbul (Kiva Han).  It is  
* The first European to mention coffee is Prospero Alpino of Padua.   
In 1580
he went to Egypt, then under Ottoman rule.


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