[Sca-cooks] Camping food

Saint Phlip phlip at 99main.com
Wed Jan 27 13:40:48 PST 2010

Maybe I'm misunderstanding something here, but why is making good
fresh food in a campsite so complicated?

Depending on what your facilities will be- open fire, camp stove, or
combo (including a cheap bbg grill) -and you should be able to have
everything packaged so you can cook whatever your heart desires.

Package 1- 5 gallon cheap stainless steel stock pot loaded with a mess
kit for 4 (Walmart, $20) and assorted cooking items- utensils, knives,
mess kit silverware, salt and pepper, a bar of soap in a zip lock (for
coating pans if you're cooking over coals), A roll of aluminum foil,
dish soap, disposable cutting board(s), and pad the thing with cheap
dish towels or rags, and that's all you need for most of your cooking.
Also bring a dutch oven if you're into baking.

Another package that holds dry staples and spices (there are lots of
nice, cheap nylon coolers out there) can be set up for the season.
After that, all you need is a cooler for your fresh stuff, and your
camp stove, if you're using one, or whatever you're using for cooking
over a fire, if that's what you're doing. There are lots of nice
collapsible grills out there like this one:


And, if you want to disguise the things you use, enough of you sew or
do carpentry that you could build either bags, or simple chests to
hold everything.

Just, think ahead. What do you want to do?
The stock pot works well for a sink. What else can you double up with?
You don't have to live on beef jerky and canned soup (particularly
with all the camping foods available). Just decide what you want
realistically, and take it along.

Saint Phlip

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