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FYI and Enjoy. Comes from the California Strawberry Commission. 
The grilled Mahi Mahi Tacos with Strawberry Salsa is particularly good. Not period... but yummy.



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For something completely different on another subject, I came across notice
yesterday for a contest for strawberry recipes. It's
promoting "Florida fresh winter strawberries" in
Starters and Salsas; Salads; Sweets. It ends February 28, 2010. Entries must be
received no later than 5 PM (EST), February 28, 2010.

The rules are rather interesting as they contain this caveat:

"Why can the recipe only have eight ingredients, plus herbs and spices?
We based this on one of the most requested primary research documents in the food
industry, The Better Homes & Gardens Food Trends Study. This document provides a historical
analysis of America’s food shopping, cooking and serving habits.
Three out of four people surveyed said they had changed the types of recipes they use.
Here’s what home cooks want regarding recipes —

 Easier recipes (no more than 4.4 ingredients plus spices for everyday meals or 6.2
ingredients for special occasions)
 More low-calorie recipes
 More nutritious foods
 More recipes that are lower in fat
 More recipes with fresh foods

We wanted to give contestants a little more room to show their creativity, so we actually
increased the number of ingredients for this contest."

So I guess this explains why many magazine recipes now contain so few ingredients.

I really miss Gourmet.


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