[Sca-cooks] Questions on coffee

Terry Decker t.d.decker at att.net
Thu Jan 28 13:01:05 PST 2010

> Terry Decker wrote:
>>> I still maintain my beliefs and theories that the Vikings did drink 
>>> coffee, knew Martials Arts and were educated.
>>> AElina the Saami
>> While I have no opinion about the Viking education or martial arts, I am 
>> fairly certain that they didn't drink coffee.
> I suspect that was said in jest, Bear. ;-)
> Though I'm pretty sure that the 'Vikings' didn't do modern martial arts, I 
> can make an argument for their education, I think. There's runes that 
> record that 'Sven was here' on the walls and railings of Hagia Sofia, and 
> someone had to write- and read- all of those sagas. Unless you think that 
> little green men did it... in which case I can't help you. (But hand over 
> what you're smoking, eh?)
> 'Lainie

Almost all warrior cultures practice various styles of armed and unarmed 
combat, but, without available codification, it is an open question whether 
they rise to the level of a martial art.

While it is certain that he was a vandal, Sven may or may not have been 
educated.  It is possible to learn how to write phrases or sentences without 
being literate, which is what is actually being discussed when we speak of 
education.  A single sentence does not take into account Rolf or Olaf, who 
wrote nothing and of whom we can make no determination of their literacy. 
The sagas do represent a literary tradition,but is it the literacy of the 
"Vikings," later clerics or literate people of a later day?

Having reviewed the available information (Project Blue Book records, Hayek, 
the UFO Museum in Roswell, etc.), I have no definitive evidence for the 
existence of little green men (or gray ones for that matter).  Therefore, I 
can not credit aliens with pyramids, sagas, human literacy or human 
irrationality.  As for smoking, I gave that up almost two decades ago, so 
yah gotta git yer own.


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