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> Also on hand are documents related to feasts, meals and drinks
served and the gift exchanges....( This information can be found in the
Icelandic Law book called Gragas-accents on the a's--- Enjoy....) The Vikings were all about laws and protocols and wrote many of them down. In many of the Old Norse-Icelandic Sources presentations, role of the feasts, and gift exchange are outlined. I am just scratching the surface on some of these protocols and presentations with my own research. It tends to blur with Late Middle Ages into the Ren and court presentations. 



Klaeng became Bishop in 1152, more than  a hundred and fifty years after Iceland went Christian. <his cloister has been contributed to him but the first Bishop of Iceland in 1000 asked for these documents> <source Prof. Trofi H. Tulinius at the University of Iceland School of Humanities.)

> Many of the manuscripts were secured in this manner but many were also destroyed. It is not known how much was destroyed out of ignorance or political editing. It is documented that Irish monks were in Iceland writing down the sagas.

Would you like to provide us a cite to the documentation of that? (Prof. Trofi H. Tuinius class on Sagas about the early Icelanders at the University of Iceland School of Humanities and tour of Arni Magnusson Institute. )

And at Cornell, which has a center for the study of matters Icelandic. (Yes, so does the University of Wisconsin, Madison (Which has a lovely center for Arctic Studies) and University of Sweden, Stockholm, and a few in Canada and Washington State. But, the bulk of the original documents from that time period can be found in Iceland, Denmark and the Vatican and yes some date prior to 1000 A.D.)

-- David Friedman
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