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Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Fri Jan 29 23:06:10 PST 2010

Earlier this week, David said:  (I'm just now catching up)
<<< I will continue to have my roasted bean coddle in the mornings at  
even if it is not period. >>>

Since a caudle seems to be defined as warm wine or beer thickened with  
eggs, I was wondering if you were using fava or garbanzo beans or  
perhaps black-eyed peas for your roasted bean coddle? I assume you are  
drying them first and then roasting them? since they would just sit  
there in the beer or wine unless your grind them up, I'm guessing that  
this is what you are doing. Are you then mixing these grounds in with  
the beer or wine? And you're then straining them out after you've  
created a sort of tisane? I do assume you are doing this before adding  
the egg, because after that it seems like it would be real difficult  
to strain these bits and pieces of bean out.

Or do you just drink your roasted bean caudle through straws like was  
done in prehistoric cultures for ales, thus leaving the dregs behind?

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