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Thu Jul 1 08:34:29 PDT 2010

> Sir Nathan (Calontir) used to provide period food for his royalty and
> others by cooking stuff in advance, putting it in seal-a-meal bags,
> bringing it in coolers, and dumping the bags into boiling water-not
> as authentic a procedure as cooking on site, but a lot less work if
> one person is doing it for many.

I'm a HUGE fan and supporter of Seal-A-Meals. I've done large feasts

using mainly Seal-A-Meals and pretty much all of our camping food

is prepared that way. It helps that I work from home so I have time to

cook everything in advance. A couple of advantages are the fact that

cleanup is so fast and easy. Eat from paper plates and plastic utensils

and serve in disposable aluminum pans so the only cleanup is for serving

and prep utensils. You already have a pot of hot water waiting for that.

Another is that I am frequently so busy at events and wars that I really

don't have a lot of time for properly cooking a meal in camp. I would love

to have the luxury to cook a period meal over the fire but that would mean

I would have to reserve a day or at least a long afternoon to prepare. I

think that doing so would be a lot of fun but I'm frequently called away 

for either knightly or Laurely duties. With the Seal-A-Meal I can come 

into camp and have dinner for 10 or 12 people within a half an hour. 

Not period and not nearly as much fun as preparing it on site or in a period

fashion bur for necessity and ease of cleanup it can't be beat. (Well, going 

to food court beats it I guess but you can't host a dozen people for a week

in the food court.)


> David/Cariadoc

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