[Sca-cooks] Pennsic queries....

David Friedman ddfr at daviddfriedman.com
Thu Jul 1 10:06:47 PDT 2010

>I would love
>to have the luxury to cook a period meal over the fire but that would mean
>I would have to reserve a day or at least a long afternoon to prepare.

I think that's an exaggeration. We have usually done one dinner for 
the whole encampment during Pennsic, and others in the encampment 
sometime do the same. It takes about two and half hours from the time 
we start the campfire to when dinner is served. That with two of us 
cooking for about ten to twelve.

The important thing is to select dishes that are reasonably easy to 
make over a fire--as in most of what we do, the objective is period 
not fancy. There's an old article on the _Miscellany_ on one such 

And, apropos of a different part of the thread, we don't bring a 
cooler to Pennsic and haven't for many years. There's a _Miscellany_ 
article on that too.

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