[Sca-cooks] grapes

Susan Fox selene at earthlink.net
Fri Jul 2 07:21:07 PDT 2010

Mark S. Harris wrote:
> Dame Selene said:
> <<< So the feral table grapes are all over my parents' backyard again and
> the bunches of grapes are forming.  Not very big and juicy since nobody
> actually waters them on purpose, but the fruit is on the vine, about the
> size and colour of petits pois. >>>
> Okay, I guess this might be a good description for some, but not me. What color is "petits pois"? I'm assuming some sort of green.
> Green table grapes are green, but they are ripe, right? But they aren't the purple of wine grapes. Are they imported or native to the New World? Are all wine grapes reddish purple to purple when ripe?  The green table grapes don't taste like they would be Concord grapes.

They look like little peas on a grape stem, much like the first photo 
that De posted.   People make wine out of all kinds of grapes, green, 
red or purple.  Heck, people make wine out of anything with a 
carbohydrate to convert to alcohol, pretty much.


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