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Dear concerned SCAdian, parent, Pennsic teacher, or friend of youth at 

Please forgive me for sending this automated response, the sheer volume of 
email in my inbox makes it impossible for me to individually reply to 

First let me suggest that you read carefully my letter on the Pennsic A&S 
webpage http://www.pennsicwar.org/penn39/cultural.html. It may address some 
of your concerns. Second, and after you have read the website letter, I 
would like to clarify some points regarding the new rule:

1. Yes, the rule does indeed go beyond the scope of the Society standard by 
asking parents to arrange supervision of not just children under 12 but of 
youth 13-18; however, it applies only to those classes held by Pennsic 
University in A&S tents.

2. The rule does require adult supervision of youth, by a parent or by a 
"guardian"--which is defined for our purposes as a responsible adult 
designated by the the parent to attend the class with the youth. Let me 
repeat that. We are not requiring a legal court-appointed guardian, simply a 
responsible adult. (My thanks  to the Society MOY and especially to the 
Pennsic 39 Mayor for allowing us that interpretation of the rule).

3. The teachers of Pennsic classes are not required nor expected to check 
IDs or ages of anyone attending their classes. We trust that parents will 
use good judgement in sending their children and youth to appropriate 
classes; and that the teachers will use good judgement and inform the 
responsible adult with any youth if material in the class is unsuitable for 

4. This rule is in effect for Pennsic 39. The rules for next Pennsic will be 
set by the Mayor and the staff of Pennsic 40 at that time. This is not 
Society policy, nor does Cultural Affairs staff wish to debate the justice 
of the rule. Yes, there were reasons for the rule. No, we will not be 
disseminating that information for debate in SCA forums.

5. This rule has been in effect since early May, it was not a last minute 
decision and it was never intended to drive parents or children away from 
Pennsic. If you find that you cannot adapt to this rule and do decide not to 
attend Pennsic because of it I am truly saddened, but all I can offer you 
are my apologies for the inconvenience. If you do decide to return to 
Pennsic in future years, please take time to read carefully all the rules of 
Pennsic for that year and follow the announcements for changes (which always 
happen) arise.

Please understand, neither I nor the staff of Pennsic University are against 
children or youth partaking of all that Pennsic has to offer--my own four 
children grew up in the SCA, my grandchildren currently attend Pennsic. This 
rule will affect them as well. I have been a pre-school teacher and a 
daycare director, I am currently faculty at a state university. So please 
believe me that I do understand how this may affect your Pennsic, whether 
you are a parent or a teacher, as I know it will affect mine.

I have and will take time to read all the emails I receive on this matter. I 
am very impressed by the range of knowledge and experience you all hold as 
well as the thoughtful responses many of you have taken the time to express. 
I welcome your input and will pass along your ideas wherever I think they 
will do the most good. I encourage you, if you would like to make a 
difference, to offer your services to the fine volunteers running Youth 
Point and A&S Point. The more sane and sensible folk we have actively 
participating in volunteer capacities, the fewer rules we are likely to have 
to make both at Pennsic and in the SCA.

Thank you for your patience and understanding,

Mistress Chai
Deputy Mayor for Cultural Affairs
Pennsic 39

Meisterin Katarina Helene von Schönborn, OL 
Shire of Narrental (Peru, Indiana) http://narrental.home.comcast.net 
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