[Sca-cooks] Classes at Pennsic

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Tue Jul 6 13:15:35 PDT 2010

May of the Pennsic newsletter. The rule is only for Pennsic 39.


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I haven't yet determined when it was first announced, although the 
fact that people only started objecting recently suggests it may be 
new. It was on the Pennsic University page yesterday--but for all I 
know it could have been there for a month or more.

The only explanation I have seen of what prompted it is a child abuse 
case in Pennsylvania which, so far as I can tell, had nothing to do 
with Pennsic or classes, did not occur at an event, but did involve 
someone with a local SCA position. It appears to be a CYA action 
imposed by the Society Youth Officer on the rest of the Pennsic staff.

If it only went up recently, I think any parent who pre-registered is 
entitled to cancel and get a refund, and any teacher who wishes to 
cancel classes in response is entitled to. I've wondered about the 
option of cancelling all my classes and posting an announcement in 
various places that I will hold them as unofficial classes in some 
convenient camp site.

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