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Saint Phlip phlip at 99main.com
Tue Jul 6 16:40:43 PDT 2010

Unfortunately, I can bet you they came up with this great idea to
limit liability without getting the benefit of knowledgeable legal
counsel. With the best will in the world, the chances are very good
that their actions have instead INCREASED the legal liability for the
SCA and Pennsic. And, unfortunately, my definition of a twerp is the
sort of person who pretends they know enough about a topic to deal
with it competently, while being rather incompetent.

Why do I feel they're incompetent? Because I've been observing their
actions and behaviors, which appear to be doing this whole thing by
the seat of their pants. For example, if an attorney had drawn up
their statement, it would have been absolutely clear that guardian
referred to a legal guardian, or not, as the case might be, Certainly,
the rules would not have changed suddenly at the first few objections,
as they appear to have done, because a competent attorney would have
had a stack of legal precedents upon which to base his opinion.

Thus, by my definition, they're twerps. And that is the mildest thing
I can think to call them. Perhaps, "Incompetent jackanapes" might have
been a bit strong, if accurate.

On Tue, Jul 6, 2010 at 6:38 PM, Terri Morgan <online2much at cox.net> wrote:
>> The University set up isn't the Supreme Being,
>> it just thinks it is.
> I believe that the University 'set up' is simply the staff who have to abide
> by rules and regulations designed to protect the SCA from as much legal
> liability as they can.
> If you wish to risk liability on a private basis, they, those "twirps" as
> you call them, won't be obligated to stop you or do a danged thing about it.
> A little name-calling never solved a danged thing,
> Hrothny
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