[Sca-cooks] Teens in kitchens was New Pennsic Rule - Update from the Source!

Susan Lin susanrlin at gmail.com
Thu Jul 8 07:12:56 PDT 2010

Johnna -- I do not know the answer to your questions but I do know that
Pennsic often has rules that apply only to it and not to other events in the
Known World - Pennsic is not an SCA event but rather a private event -
that's why the Coopers are in charge.  I see from your cut/paste that they
do seem to be imposing some SCA rules (but perhaps not others) - it is
confusing and the only real explanation is that this is what is being done
for this Pennsic, we don't have a choice and next year we'll see what next
year brings.

Several of the other lists I am on spent all of yesterday making suggestions
and questioning why this or that isn't being done instead - sadly some of
the discussions quickly deteriorated into some unkind back and forth - glad
to see those lists quiet today.  It doesn't seem to matter that there might
have been other alternatives - it is what it is, this year at least.

In the mean time I'm not going to push having this a "rule" for the entire
SCA - I'm hoping reasonable heads will prevail and this will be a one-off
thing.  If we start pushing why this isn't society wide we're inviting more
rules and more regulations that'll suck the fun out of this for a lot of us.
On Thu, Jul 8, 2010 at 4:04 AM, Johnna Holloway <johnnae at mac.com> wrote:

> A letter posted on 7/7/2010 to the A&S 50 Challenge list from Chai'usun
>> Deputy Mayor for Cultural Affairs
>> Pennsic 39
>> regarding the new policy at Pennsic states:
> Please understand this is not the choice of the Cultural Affairs staff
>> nor of the Pennsic University. This is due to a requirement that all
>> teachers and volunteers working with the youth in the SCA must have
>> passed a security screening. Cultural Affairs cannot guarantee that of
>> all teachers in the A&S venues have been so screened, therefore
>> this rule has been deemed to be necessary by the Society Minister of
>> Youth.
> So why won't this rule now apply to all the other wars and medieval
> universities? (A class is a class is a class, unless there is something
> special about classes being held in Pennsylvania which is where the federal
> lawsuit against the Society is being contested.) Right now for the Midrealm
> a two person deep rule applies to childrens and youth classes but is not
> mentioned for adult or regular classes. I don't find a SCA wide document
> posted on sca.org that deals with this.
> And
> Ok so now the question could well become a teen wants to volunteer in your
> kitchen
> or in your feast hall: Can they do so without there being a parent or
> guardian present?
> Must you now have background checked adults in the kitchens in order for a
> 16 or 17 year old to help?
> Wouldn't that be volunteers (volunteer cooks or stewards in this case)
> working with the teens?
> I know many college students that weren't 18 yet often helped me out in a
> kitchen at times. Can you imagine telling a college student they can't
> attend a class or work because they are still minors?
> Johnnae
> On Jul 6, 2010, at 6:01 PM, David Friedman wrote:
>  This was sent to the Pennsic Teacher's E-List...  ~~ Katarina Helene
>>> 2. The rule does require adult supervision of youth, by a parent or by a
>>> "guardian"--which is defined for our purposes as a responsible adult
>>> designated by the the parent to attend the class with the youth. Let me
>>> repeat that. We are not requiring a legal court-appointed guardian,
>>> simply a
>>> responsible adult. (My thanks  to the Society MOY and especially to the
>>> Pennsic 39 Mayor for allowing us that interpretation of the rule).
>> It's worth noting that this is a change from what the rule was yesterday,
>> when it specified (on the University page still does) "legal guardian." It
>> looks as though the massive negative reaction to the rule had some effect.
>> --
>> David/Cariadoc
>> www.daviddfriedman.com
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