[Sca-cooks] FW: Caudle spices

Terry Decker t.d.decker at att.net
Sat Jul 10 11:54:59 PDT 2010

> Gelofres is Cloves Gilofre. In some usages it may be the flower, a.k.a. 
> the Clove Pink, but in this case it's probably the spice, cloves.
> Flowre of Canelle is some form of cinnamon. Some may speculate that it's a 
> reference to the flowers of cinnamon (Taillevent, for example, calls for 
> cassia buds in some of his stuff), but in this case I think it's Ceylon, 
> or "true" cinnamon ground to a fine "flour".
> Adamantius

The OED references this particular line as a usage for cloves.

I would say you are correct in referencing flowre as being cinnamon ground 
fine.  The derivation is from the French "fleur de farine" meaning the 
finest part of the meal.  As a small aside (and recognizing that spelling is 
highly variable and that we are talking about at least two distinct 
manuscripts) the Two fifteenth Century Cookery Books uses the variant 
"flourys of vyolet" to describe actual violets in one recipe.


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