[Sca-cooks] FW: Caudle spices

Terry Decker t.d.decker at att.net
Sat Jul 10 17:15:35 PDT 2010

> I admit that I'm a little confused by the rationale for asserting that 
> clove pinks are somehow more likely an interpretation than spice cloves, 
> in this case and some others; while they were used as a flavoring and 
> garnish, it often seems like we're in such a hurry to assert that they are 
> a possibility in several (and possibly all) cases, what we end up with is 
> something that looks very much like a blanket assertion that the flower is 
> what is being referenced in almost all cases.
> To which I respond, "Hul-lo, luxurious spices from the East being the 
> basis for much of our collective Western culture, the drive to explore, 
> expand, sometimes colonize, and build what passes for a modern world, why 
> do all that when we can do it all with locally grown gillyflowers?"
> Again, I'm not discounting the possibility of gillyflowers being used in 
> recipes; I'm just not seeing compelling evidence for their being the 
> default, as it sometimes seems to be a common assumption.
> Adamantius

Snobbery?  Social pretension?  The exotic has always been a divider between 
the economic classes.

For the modern variant, Richistan provides the documentation.  The WSJ 
covers the deportations during the latest recessionary debacle.


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