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There are at least two recipes for blank pouder that I have found and  
To make fine Blaunch pouder for rosted Quinces.

Chapter. xiii.

TAke fyne Suger halfe a pound beaten in a whote Morter too fyne  
powder, of whyte

Ginger pared halfe an ounce, of chosen Sinimon a quarter of an ounce  
beaten ready to

fyne powder, mixt them well together, and yf you wyl haue it moste  
excellent cast two

Spoonful of Rose or Damask water in the heatyng of the Suger.

The work which contains this is the 1573 edition: Partridge, John. The  
Treasurie of

Commodious Conceits, & Hidden Secrets, and may be called, The huswiues  

of healthfull prouision. http://www.medievalcookery.com/etexts.html


The phrase "thē take blanch pouder made of Sinamon and Suger, and cast  
vpon it and so serue it forth." appears in the following recipe by  

  To make Mortirs of a Capon, Hen, or pullet,

TAke a well fleshed Capon, Henne, or pullet, scalde and dresse him,  
then put him into a pot of faire water, and ther let it seeth til it  
be tender, then take it and pul all the flesh from his bones, and beat  
it in a stone morter, and when you thinke it halfe beaten, put some of  
the same licour into it, and then beate it til it be fine, then take  
it out and straine it with a litle rose|water out of a strainer into a  
dishe, then take it and set it on a chafingdish of coles, with a  
little Suger put to it, and so stirre it with your knife, & lay it in  
a faire dishe in three long howes, thē take blanch pou|der made of  
Sinamon and Suger, and cast vpon it and so serue it forth.
The second part of the good hus-wiues iewell  Thomas Dawson 1597


On Jul 10, 2010, at 12:51 PM, James Prescott wrote:
> Blank powder is white powder is a merchant's or cook's mixture that  
> would vary.  I
> have no period recipe,

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