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I asked:
> Lol. ?I read that title as "FW: Ca N dle spices" and my first thought was Oh! so there might be some evidence that candles were
> actually spiced in period!"
> I doubt it though, since most candles would have been tallow candles and beeswax candles are nice enough smelling as is, but does
> anyone have evidence to the contrary?

To which Jaume de Mon?? replied with a lot of info about aromatic candles, not specifically for creating a sweet smell.

Oh! Oops. I did forget about incense. However, a quick look through what I have seems to show incense being burned by itself, as in wood splinters or by simply exposing the incense to air or by heating it in a burner, not by putting it into a candle itself, so this is some interesting, new info.

But I'm not sure what a "grimoire" is.

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