[Sca-cooks] class sign-ups vs. first-come first-in

Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Sun Jul 11 23:35:19 PDT 2010

Susan Lin posted the Pennsic University Policies. Among them, I noted:

 <<<  4. No advance sign-ups for classes; just show up at the right time and
  location. Students, the earlier you arrive, the better it will be for
  seating and handouts/materials (if available).>>>

Is this also new for this year? Or was it done this way at the last two Pennsics, which I couldn't attend?

Anyone know why this change was made? I suspect it was because they were having problems getting volunteers to man the tent for class signups.

Unfortunately, for someone like me who can easily attend three or four classes one after the other, it puts me at a disadvantage. Since even if the class ends 10 minutes before the hour, and many don't, there may already be people lined up by then, especially for popular classes. And if your first class is at one end of the class tents and the next class is at the other end, it is that much worse.

I also see this as a likely problem for teachers. I, or my classes, may be one of the reasons they started implementing sign-up lists at Gulf Wars. Ten? years ago, I arrived a few minutes late for my hands-on pewter-casting class, probably because I was hauling all my equipment from my camp, and there were already 25 people waiting for a class I wanted to limit to 15 people. So I taught everyone who was there when I showed up, but I could've given more individual help with my originally planned 15.

If this isn't the first year with this free-for-all arrangement, how well did it work last year?


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