[Sca-cooks] Teens in kitchens was New Pennsic Rule - Update from the Source!

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Mon Jul 12 00:36:07 PDT 2010

Regina Romsey commented:
<<< Teach your
kids to go nowhere with strangers unless they have checked with their
responsible adult (talking to strangers just isn't really likely to
endanger them any more than it did me in the 1950's).>>>

Sigh. I guess it must be the parent's, and only the parent's, job to do this.

If you will remember, when I tried to post an article to the Florilegium, by Lady Gormlaith, recently a teenager herself (then aged 20 years old), warning the teens in the Society what to watch out for and who to be careful of, she was loudly criticized on her local and kingdom lists and I was told by an SCA officer and a number of individuals that I should remove the article and it shouldn't have been posted because it gave a bad impression of the SCA. When the pressure grew too great and she thought it might adversely affect her father's future in the SCA, she requested its removal, and I did so.

I will note, that few on this list were of that opinion and many, including some experienced parents, had no problem with the article.  Thank you for your support

This was that file:
SG-SCA-Youth-art (10K) 6/22/09 "Survival Guide for an SCA Youth" by Lady Gormlaith Bebbin Kathleen HRothgarsdottir.

So now it appears we are so afraid of the possible dangers to our children that though we are scared to tell the children about the dangers, or to let other people know that we might possibly have a reason to warn our children about such dangers, we are going to restrict what they can do or at least make sure they have a guardian with them. Well, at least we'll enforce this for classes. After all, we know that classes are the only places at Pennsic that parents let their children go without them or a responsible adult being present.

If the danger is that great, I would think that such dangers should be discussed or at least brought into the open. 

It's as if there are dangers in the kitchen, so children can't be allowed in the kitchen without a parent or specified responsible adult, even if that adult has never been in a commercial kitchen and has no idea what a meat slicer or a deep fryer looks like and you aren't allowed to explain what the safety issues and rules are to either of them. After all, you might give a bad impression of a commercial kitchen. Only the parent is allowed to teach their children safety and the parent will know all the dangers to look out for.


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