[Sca-cooks] Graters?

Terri Morgan online2much at cox.net
Fri Jul 16 07:26:39 PDT 2010

> I have a small grater that I've had for 100
> years that goes with my nutmeg and dried ginger.
> Couldn't you just use a microplane? 
> Not period but affective.
> Shoshana

Oh, sure, and probably she'll have one in her kitchen. I was hoping to find
some pointers towards something that she could use in person, as she's
competing in a persona pentathlon in October and will be preparing
foodstuffs (possibly) in front of judges. I thought it'd be a nice gift, you
know, something to encourage her in her studies. Besides, we have a
tradition of bringing home small presents from Pennsic for those of our
friends who couldn't attend that year. One of the long time lurkers on this
list (Hi Felicia!) introduced me to that when I first joined the SCA. It
makes walking the merchant area even more fun.

While looking online, I found a couple of round micro-graters set in plastic
holders - I'll print off a copy of the advertisement page and bring it to
Miguel to see if he thinks he would want to take on creating a wooden case
to set one in instead. We have so many cooks in Atlantia who'd enjoy owning
such a thing that I think it'd be a worthy item - and brewers, too, for
those who 'strew spices and herbs before serving'. Heck, it'd be kinda
neat for any hot beverage-server.


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