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I have found that it depends on the book or writings. If it is in PDF format or option you can save it to your computer. I have done that for the Gragas. For other books I found you can only save the link only. I have notebooks after notebooks full of notes based on books I have found on Google Books.
One draw back I found with some Google Books is that the publishers don't always post the whole book. 
Has anyone successfully downloaded any books to the Kindles-like thingys?
Aelina the Saami
Aka in the Roman World as Tibia Fibula Gimpia

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Question about Google books:
Is there a way to save a page?

I sometimes find some useful information and cannot figure out a way 
to save a page. So i retype the text into a text program. I realize 
that they are protecting copyright, and i am not trying to save a 
whole book. But it sure would be easier to be able to save the page
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