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There are recipes also in:

S84 "To Make Mackroons"
Martha Washington's Booke of Cookery

John Murrell's A Delightful Daily Excercise for Ladies and Gentlewomen  
from 1617 includes "To make French Mackroones of the best Fashion" and  
"To make greene mackroones."

Under that spelling you can find later recipes in a number of places.

The Accomplish'd lady's delight in 1675 offers:

7. To make Mackroons
Take Almonds, blanch them, and beat them in a Morter, with serced  
Sugar mingled therewith, with the white of an Egg, and Rose-water,  
then beat them altogether till they are thick as Fritters, then drop  
it upon your Wafers, and take it.

("take it" is probably bake it. I suspect it's a typist or scanning  

They are even featured in the title of the 1710 cookery book:
England's newest way in all sorts of cookery: pastry, and all pickles  
that are fit to be used. Adorn'd with copper plates, setting forth the  
manner of placing dishes upon tables; and the newest fashions of mince- 
pies. By Henry Howard, ... Likewise the best receipts for making  
cakes, mackroons ...

They appear in numerous other works including:
  The experienced English house-keeper: for the use and ease of  
ladies, house ...  By Elizabeth Raffald from 1769.


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> Elinor Fettiplace's Receipt Book (1604 I think...) has a recipe for
> them also...
> Drakey.

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