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I'm not sure how good this certification is, especially at this price. However, if the knowledge they impart is good, then the price is certainly good.

I'd appreciate any commentary from folks more knowledgeable in food handling experience.


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> As Baronial chirurgeon for the Barony of Sacred Stone, I have seen 
> some pretty poor food handling practices at events and even Pennsic 
> War over the years. Having feast cratted at outdoor events and 
> outdoor kitchens, I know it's hard to be perfect, but I think that 
> everyone who feastcrats and is a chirurgeon should have a basic 
> knowlege of food safety. So I found this site: 
> http://www.efoodhandlers.com/CourseMain.aspx
> they advertise that they offer fda compliant certifications per state 
> for only $10.00 and you can take the class and take the test for 
> FREE! My favorite word. You only pay the $10.00 if you want to print 
> out the certificate. You can also print out a wallet card and ID 
> badge and even upload your photo for the same ten bucks. can't beat 
> that. so take a few minutes, read the course, take the test and be up 
> to date on safety.

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