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Are we talking eating bananas or plantains?

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We have done it. It is good. I did wonder, 
looking over the original, if I wasn't using too 
little rosewater to fit the description.

>Have you tried this recipe?  With so much 
>rosewater, is the dish overly flowery or does 
>the long cooking time cook off most of the rose 
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>With all the posts on bananas, I didn't notice
>any period recipes for them, perhaps because most
>of the posters are from barbarian lands on the
>fringes of the civilized world, where such things
>are more rumor than ingredient. My memory is that
>the illustration in the _Four Seasons of the
>House of Cerruti_ suggests that the artist had
>never seen one.
>A recipe for Judhaba of bananas by Ibn al Mahdi
>Al-Warraq p. 375
>Peel the bananas and set them aside. Spread a
>ruqaqa (thin round of bread) in the pan and
>spread a layer of bananas over it. Sprinkle the
>banana layer with pure sugar, and spread anotehr
>ruqaqa all over it. Repeat the layering of
>banana, sugar, and ruqaqa until the pan is full.
>Pour enough rose water to drench the layered
>ingredients, [put the pan in a hot tannur,]
>suspend a fine chicken over it, [and let it
>roast] God willing.
>Bananas: 40 ounces.	Ruqaqa: 10 oz iranian
>thin bread	Sugar: _ c	_ water	2T rose
>Oil the bottom of the pan. Make four layers of
>sliced (or mashed) bananas sprinkled with sugar,
>alternating with thin bread, pour in rose water
>on top. Arrange with the chicken on a wooden spit
>above the layers so the drippings fall on them.
>Cook for about 1-2 hours at 325°.
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