[Sca-cooks] Teachers & class requests wanted! AnTir Culinary Symposium April 15-17 2011

Raphaella DiContini raphaellad at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 20 15:17:00 PDT 2010

     There are big changes in the works for the next Culinary Symposium, and I hope you'll all be excited about them as we are! We are asking for your input to make this the best historical cooking learning experience possible. 
     If you have a class you'd like to offer, or take please let me know either here or at the dedicated email address foodiejoy at gmail.com. 
     If you know of anyone doing historical food research who should be asked to come teach, please let us know! We want to tap into the talents of those in all areas of our fair Kingdom and beyond!  
For teachers, please start thinking about what you might like to offer as we'd like to put class offerings up on the website as soon as possible, and would like to have at least the title and class description by September 1st, so attendees can see what’s being offered. We're also planning on having a new online class registration program so you'll know exactly who is signed up for your class in advance! 
We will eventually need the following information: 
Class title 
Brief Class description 
Class minimum / maximum limit (e.g. 2 min, 10 max) 
Hands on / lecture & any class room logistics (e.g. modern or out door cooking space, etc.)
Duration (1 hour increments preferred, but 1/2 hour considered, please plan to end class 10 minutes before the end of the final hour to allow travel time)
Any additional class cost? 
In joyous service, 
Raffaella di Contino 
Class Coordinator 
Culinary Symposium, April 15-17 2010 
Watch this space for further updates! Web site and more information to come! 


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