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Phil Troy / G. Tacitus Adamantius wrote:
> On Jul 21, 2010, at 3:21 PM, Drucilla Meany-Herbert wrote:
>> I want to make some pear mustard. Problem is I have no way to keep it cool. Is it necessary to keep pear mustard cool? I will be pureeing the (canned) pears, putting in mustard powder, adding a little Pear infused balsamic venegar and some white wine. My other mustards I don't need to keep refrigerated since they use dried friend (if any), no dairy, vinegar and/or wine but haven't made this before and am uncertain if I have to keep it cool for safety's sake.
> It's my understanding that pear mustard uses a form of preserved pears as an ingredient (like quince paste or concentrated apple butter, or fruit leather, only made from pears). For that reason, between the [comparative] lack of water in the pear product, you shouldn't need to refrigerate the finished mustard.

There's a recipe in Rumpolt for a pear mustard that doesn't specify 
dried or preserved pears.

10. Seudt Birne in süssem Most / thu sie auß auf ein saubers Bret / und 
laß kalt werden / laß den Most weiter sideden / biß er dick wirt / laß 
jn darnach kalt werden / streichs mit braunem Senf durch / thu alsdenn 
die gesottenen Birne darein / so wirt es gut und wohl geschmack. Wiltu 
aber ein guten Senf haben / so stoß Aniß und Coriander durcheinander / 
streichs durch mit braunem Senfmehl / und süssen gesottenem Wein / so 
wirt es gut und wohl geschmack.

10. Seethe pears in sweet grape juice/ take them out on a clean board/ 
and let cool/ let the juice boil/ until it is thick/ let it also get 
cold/ press through with brown mustard/ and through the boiled pears in 
it/ like this it is good and well tasting/ if you wish instead of a good 
mustard/ you can crush anise and coriander together/ strain through with 
brown mustard powder/ and sweet boiled wine/ like this it is good and 
well tasting. (Ranvaig's translation)

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