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IIRC - reaching WAY back into my feeble mind - a lot of fruit (and veggies)
are harvested prior to being ripe and then are ripened using a process where
banana gas is piped into their "space" - the thing is that the fruit/veg
turns the right color but never gets the same flavor had it been left on the
vine to ripen correctly - that's why tomatoes out of the garden or from the
farmer's market always taste so much better than the ones you get at the
store in January (even those grown in a hothouse).  That's also why most
cooks/chefs say canned tomatoes are fine to use because they were actually
canned ripe and not artificially ripened.

On Wed, Jul 28, 2010 at 2:12 AM, Stefan li Rous
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> Back on July 19, Talana mentioned:
> <<< I worked for a produce distributor for couple of years.  The bananas
> arrived green, and we ripened them in the warehouse.>>>
> I have noticed that a lot of the bananas I see in my local HEB grocery
> store still look pretty green.
> So why couldn't they have harvested the bananas green and shipped them to
> southern Europe or even England?  Was the shipping time still too long and
> they would go from green to over-ripe while still being shipped? Or is there
> some more processing that needs to be done or a temperature range that has
> to be maintained that medieval shipping practices couldn't accommodate?
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