[Sca-cooks] Bug Bites

Johnna Holloway johnnae at mac.com
Fri Jul 30 04:58:58 PDT 2010

Another food oriented product from that company in the UK that brought
us edible gold spray.

Bug Bites or those Edible Ants You've Been Waiting For

Introducing Giant Toasted Ants, a self-explanatory line of edible  
insects, available from England now.

Before we start, let’s be clear: this is not a joke. And no, we’re not  
advocating that you begin an all-new insect-heavy diet. Not  
necessarily. But we thought you should know there is, for whatever  
reason, a new line of gourmet edible ants, straight from the regal  
shores of olde England. They’re made with real ants, which are then,  
yes, toasted to make them taste... well, a bit like bacon, but  
crispier. (Not recommended for breakfast, however.) And they’re then  
packaged in a tiny pouch, which you’ll obviously want to carry on your  
person at all times.


Somehow these seem to go along with Pennsic too


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