[Sca-cooks] Sugar: Was A Sallet of all Kinds of Hearbes and Cucumbers

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Fri Jul 30 11:17:15 PDT 2010

> Katherine wrote:
I would have to go back and read it, but is the
>  >sugar allowed to re-crystallize?  Is the sugar whiter?
> As to re-crystallizing...Anyone got the facts?  My guess is that if the
> sugar was supposed to be in a liquid form for the recipe (such as making
> a fruit paste or candying seeds), there would be no need to let it
> re-crystallize.  Sugar to be sprinkled on as decoration wouldn't need
> clarification, nor would sugar added to provide sweetness (to a sauce,
> for instance).
>> Alys K.

It always helps to go back and read things :)

In "Warhafftige, künstliche und gerechte underweisung und anzeygung, alle
Latwergen, Confect, Conserven, eynbeytzungen und einmachungen ... zu
bereytten" the cleaning process (6 beaten egg whites to 3 pounds of sugar)
then proceeds to the making of a sugar syrup after an inital cooking where
the egg whites are strained through a wool cloth.  The syrup then resumes
its boil and the instructions say to drop a bit of syrup onto a marble or
cool mortar.  When it sticks together and doesn't run it's done.  That
sounds sort of like 'soft ball' stage to me.  In another apothocary manual
by the same author (Ryff) he suggest a white woollen cloth and merely says
to boil it to the consistency of ordinary honey.  I think there were also
instructions in the new cookbook posted from Augsburg...


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