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Sat Jul 31 20:20:22 PDT 2010

Emilio refers us to these websites below:

"One of them contains a comment by Liliane Plouvier, one
> of the
> authors who contributed significantly to the study of food of Al-Andalus.
> Here
> are the links:
> http://www.histoiredepates.net/html/khuchknanaj.html
> http://www.histoiredepates.net/html/kuskenole.html
> http://www.histoiredepates.net/html/qui_sommes-nous_.html
> (Liliane Plouvier)"

How intersting that the way to cut out the dough was as small circles.  I
think she is telling us parenthetically that the word 'nan' implies a
circular shape.  Modernly does nan/naan mean this?  Or could it be also
translated as loaf?

I'm curious what the Liber de ferculis is and its date.

Wonderful that it was boiled in julep.  That kind of changes the taste I'm

She tells us that there is a modern descendant of the
khuckknanaj/kuskenole still being made in Sardinia: "culurzones or
culingionis".  They are also made of dried fruit and boiled, but not
grilled afterwards.  It would be interesting to note what shapes they
might be now.


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