[Sca-cooks] ATKINS DIET

Suey lordhunt at gmail.com
Tue Jun 1 15:03:56 PDT 2010

     Sounds to me like my son is going wacko for "a new diet," according 
to him, but then they tend to not know what Grandmama did much less 
their own mothers! Since he was 12 he fell in for vegetarian diets and 
has gone the whole route, no thanks to his science professor who gave us 
parents no warning as to what he was going to teach them. As a working 
Mom, it ruined my week-ends cause all I did was to chop veggies.  I come 
from a household in which one eats what he is served not what the kid 
dictates. Anyway now that I do not cook for him, he can follow any diet 
he likes!
     Another one, when preparing for my daughter's wedding on 1 May, for 
the night before dinner she appointed me to a committee to prepare for 
50. The co-chairmen warned me that we had to prepare plenty of 
vegetarian dishes. Out of 50, we had one, ONE "vegetarian," a Jew who 
loves pork. Had we known her tastes we would have prepared twice as many 
white sausage kebabs!!!

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