[Sca-cooks] cow butter?

Mark S. Harris MarkSHarris at austin.rr.com
Thu Jun 3 00:27:33 PDT 2010

Guillaume posted two recipes from "Nuevo Arte de Cocina" which might be for fur seals, although I'm not sure that the directions for cooking a fur seal and a pike fish would be combined. The two animals seem so different.

Another thing in the recipe that has me wondering is the mention of "cow butter". Is there no general term for "butter" in Spanish? Or do recipes tend to call out specific types of butter?

Other than things like salted butter or unsalted butter, (well and Icelandic fermented butter, which we've discussed), I didn't realize that there were different types of butter from different animals. I know that cheese is often made from sheep's milk or goat's milk, but I've not heard of goat or sheep butter before. I don't remember seeing other butters in my grocery store. But maybe it is available in some ethnic stores?

Do we see "sheep" or "goat" butter called out in some medieval recipes?

Are there certain milks which won't coagulate into butter? What about human milk?

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