[Sca-cooks] dragon chef competition

Ginny Beatty ginbeatty at gmail.com
Fri Jun 4 05:44:51 PDT 2010

Hi all
This weekend, I'm entering a SCA cooking competition at the Barony of
Fenix's south oaken regional war practice. The challenge designer, Baroness
Artemisia Grimaldi, made it to be like Iron Chef meets Chopped. The event is
in a park, so we have no kitchen. So the teams get to bring some
ingredients, bring all the own cooking equipment, and the competition
supplies a cooler of the meat, veggies and starch once we get on site. We
get until 6 p.m. to prepare 3 dishes for 20 people to serve as part of the
feast. Last night my team (Team Anubis) met to plot strategy for the
competition. I figure once we get on site, we spend some time perusing our
sources (a stack of period cookbooks) and available ingredients and then get
to work on food prep.
More info about the event competition is here. There is a link on the site
page that opens a PDF about the competition


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