[Sca-cooks] al-Bagdadi substitution question

Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Mon Jun 7 12:11:34 PDT 2010

Serena da Riva asked about a recipe for "Urnin wa-khubz al-Abazir" which included the phrase:

<<< As for khubz al-abazir, it is that you put four ounces of sesame oil
and half a rub of peeled sesame seed on a pound of flour, and knead it
well. Them bake it in the brick oven and take it up. >>>

How much is "half a rub"?

How do you "peel" sesame seeds? Aren't these rather small, tiny seeds? Or are what I am thinking of already have been peeled?

I'm not familiar enough with both dates and figs to know how interchangeable they are. However, I notice a fairly big different between fresh and dried versions of each, so if you use fresh instead of dried or dried instead of fresh, I'd make some recipe changes.

For some possible other ways to use up your extra figs, this file might be worth looking at:
figs-msg (18K) 1/12/08 Period figs. Period uses. Recipes.

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