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Gwyneth said:
The meats would be unrefrigerated for a week. The more I think about it,
the more concerned I am about safety issues. The Roundtable I am hosting
for Mustards at Pennsic is the first one I have hosted/taught ever.  I
have however, made mustard for large groups several times over the
years. At the Roundtable, I am hoping that there will be others that
will also want to bring mustards of their making for all to sample. >>>

Oh! I'm sorry, when you said this was for Roundtable, I thought you were talking about some other SCA event. "Roundtable" is not an uncommon name for various events. Although we had talked about your mustard class at Pennsic, I didn't connect the two until now.

Your last message was the one where you were talking about *quarts* of mustard!

What you can do to tremendously extend the storage time of your meats would be to freeze them at home and bring them from home in that state. In an ice chest, it will take them several days to just thaw out and by adding occasional ice they should stay safe.

Still, I now realize that you aren't trying to provide a meal for an event or even something like a luncheon. The mustard(s) is really meant to be the star of the show, not the meat or whatever. Those are really just the carriers or the counterpoints. So the need to actually have meat is reduced.

<<< Margaret...Thanks for the idea!!! I have no idea why I didn't think of
that...and there is a pretzel recipe I want to try....for pretzel bites :) >>>

I'm glad Margaret spoke up on this. It was something I meant to suggest but forgot to.

Is this a period pretzel recipe that you have? If so... I want! I want! Hand it over!  Err, please?

I do have this file on pretzels and it includes lots of links to things like pictures of pretzels being sold on street corners. But I have this, and claims from several pretzel makers that their pretzels go back to period, I don't have any actual recipes. And nothing that says that although the things in the period illustrations look like today's pretzels, that they are indeed taste anything similar.

Does anyone have a provably period pretzel recipe? And no, I'm not counting jumbles as being the same as pretzels.

pretzels-msg (66K) 6/10/07 Period pretzels and pretzel-like breads.

jumbals-msg (10K) 3/20/08 Knotted twists of dough similar to pretzels.

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